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Sports Science

Customized Training and Testing with a Performance Specialist to help you achieve your goals.

Sports Medicine

Unique Sports Rehab, Physical Therapy and Chronic illness protocols to help you come back.


Specialized Recovery Systems to allow you to recover quicker and perform better.

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"I took my son here for reoccurring hamstring injuries... Their knowledge and expertise in the field is second to none. I highly recommend this place."

Steven G., Elite Collegiate Track Athlete

I had been struggling with hip pain for over a year... Their experience on kinesiology and neuro-response is phenomenal. I'm pain free, stronger and as a bi-product I have become a faster stronger runner..."

Maria F., Endurance Athlete

I merely hoped Eric help me cope with my spinal injury. Not only did he bring to life capabilities that neurologists said were gone forever, he gave me the keys to living around the problems that still bother me.

Marie D., Physical Therapy

About Us

Winning a race, getting rid of pain, losing/gaining weight or joining a run club are all physical, mental and social goals that make up the human experience. At Infinity Sports Institute we are dedicated in Optimizing the Human Experience by using the best of sports science, sports medicine and technology. Through the “Gold Standard” in training, recovery, physical therapy and testing we look forward to helping you reach all your goals.

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